Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hi Everyone!
I know it's been a while since I've posted anything, haven't really had much time for crafting lately or had many lazy days of summer, but I have been spending a lot of time with my family & it's been wonderful.
We have had some financial difficulties (yet again) & I feel I have spent too much on crafting things that I really don't need, so I've weeded some out to sell. First off I plan on selling all of my Cricut stuff, I know what you're thinking, that I'm crazy, but I have thought a lot about it & it's time I let go of it, I just sold my original Cricut Ex. I still have my Cameo (which I haven't hardly used since I bought it), so I will be putting it to use more if I don't have the Cricut. I think it will be good because then I won't have as many options & it won't take me as long to get a project together, at least that's what I'm telling!
I have this listed locally now on Craigs list, but I haven't gotten anything but scammers contacting me (hate that people do that!) Anyway, thought I would put this on my blog & see what kind of feed back I get. Now I originally wanted to sell this as one big package, but if it comes down to it I may separate the gypsy stuff from the E-2 stuff.

Here's what you will get-
Cricut Expression 2 in Box (Used just a handful of times-in Excellent Condition) with manual & cords & links to their new Cricut Craftroom, with stylus
Handheld Gypsy in Box (Used, but in Excellent Condition) w/all the cords & printed manual
Total of 55 Cartridges (All in plastic boxes with Cartridges & Handbooks unless otherwise specified below)
3 Birds on Parade
All Sports
Animal Kingdom
Beyond Birthdays
Birthday Bash
Black Letter*
Block Party***
Boys will be Boys
Campin' Critters
Celebrate with Flourish***
Create a Critter
Cricut Alphabet**
Cricut Essentials**
Cuttin' Up
Designers Calendar
Disney-Mickey Font
Disney-Pooh & Friends
Disney-Pooh Font
Disney-Princesses Dreams Come True
Easter 2010***
Paper Dolls for Everyday
Flower Shoppe
From my Kitchen
Gypsy Font*
Gypsy Wanderings*
Happy Hauntings
Indie Art***
Joys of the Season
Just Because Cards
Life is a Beach
Lyrical Letters
Mini Monsters
My Community
Nifty Fifties
Paper Doll Dress Up
Plantin Schoolbook
Potpourri Basket
Printing Press*
Rock Princess
Simply Charmed
Smiley Cards*
Something to Celebrate
Sports Mania
Tags, Bags, Boxes & Moore
Walk in my Garden
Wild Card
Winter Frolic
*Exclusive to the Gypsy, so there is no handbook for Cartridge
**Exclusive to the E-2, so they are not linked to Gypsy, there is a handbook, but no Cartridge-Can be accessed using the Cricut Craftroom or just the E-2
***Not a full Cartrige, so did not come in normal box-there is a handbook & cartridge though
4 Gypsy covers
Carrying Bag
4 Styluses
4 extra Screen Protectors NIP

11 12x12 Mats (used-not very pretty, but that is why I included the 2 sprays below-once you do this 2 step process most will be like new)
1 Can of Stick Away & 1 Can of Stick & Spray (to clean & make your mats sticky again)
8 Piece Set of Cricut Tools in Case + Spatula
2 Housing Blade Holders
Deep Cutting Blade & Holder
Pack of 2 New Blades (Regular) NIP
3 Regular Blades (used)
Set of 5 Black & Brown Cricut Markers (Opened, but never Used)
Set of 12 Mini Gel Pens NIP
Housing for Gel Pens

Cricut Design Studio CD & Handbook

DVD's (Opened & Played)
Cricut A-Z
Gypsy A-Z
My Pink Stamper Cricut Fun Volume 1 w/signed paper by Robin
My Creative Time Gypsy Magic featuring Peachy Keen Stamps-Autographed by Emma
My Creative Time Gypsy Magic & Moore-Autographed by Emma

As you can see, this is a HUGE BUNDLE!!! Now this would be shipping from 20155 unless you live close. I don't want to put a price up yet, because I don't know what shipping would be, etc. So, if you are interested in chatting with me further about this or if you have any ideas as to how to separate if necessary, I would love to hear from you. My e-mail is under "Contact us".
Oh, & you would need to have a Paypal account.

If you are into sewing, I will probably be posting a Sewing Machine Bundle in the next few days! There may even be a Jewelry Making Bundle as well, like I said I have way too much stuff!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, June 18, 2012


Hi Everyone!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend & all the your loved ones had a great Father's Day!
I was going to share these with you yesterday, but I never got around to it...very busy weekend!

The first card is one I made my dad, I got it in the mail a little late, so I was worried that he wouldn't get in time, but when I spoke with yesterday I was relieved to hear that he had gotten it & loved it! :) 

I used my copics to color in the Digi (Dustin Pike) w/my Copics & used some Glossy Accents for the cape

I didn't have any Father's Day Sentiments, so I made my own

The 2nd card Gilby made for his Daddy, I think it turned out really cute, let us know what you think.
The card shape was a Freebie from Scraptastical Kreations, Gilby entered it in their FB Challenge
The Sentiment is from MCT, I didn't have any Baseball paper, so we made our own on the computer.
Created the sentiment on the computer as well, Gilby is a Digi, but unfortunately we can't remember where it came from though

Gilby & I love your comments...his tail just wags away when he sees me smile!!!

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Monday, June 4, 2012


Hi Everyone!

Feels like forever since I blogged & shared a project with you all! Blogger sure has changed, not sure I'm liking it, but will see, as Gilby & I hope to blog & share our projects more often now that things have quieted down a bit.

My youngest just finished his Junior year about a week ago & I couldn't be happier to have him home for the summer, just wish I didn't have to share him & we could have the whole summer together! 

He had a very tough year from the classes he took, sports, family issues & the loss of one of his best friends, but he managed to get through incredibly well. They have an Awards Ceremony at the end of every school year & the parents are notified by e-mail when their son's receive an award, but they don't tell you what the award is for & the boys don't know ahead of time if they are getting one or not. I'm sooo proud to say that he got an award & scholarship $ for next years tuition for having the 3rd highest GPA of the Junior Class!!! I
was soooo excited when they called out his name, I gave a "woot, woot" before I was technically supposed to clap, lol. I couldn't contain myself I teared up & was grinning at the same time, Brandon has always been smart & gotten good grades, but this was extra special this year. Maybe because of the tough year he had or maybe because his mom (me) did not do well in school at all, mostly because I skipped! Shhh, don't tell him!

It's hard to believe that next year he will be a Senior & the college search begins (thank goodness he doesn't want to go in the service like his brother did or go to a Military College)!Man oh man where did all the time go? I don't like it though, not at all, call me selfish, but I want more time with him as a kid! The past 4 years have been really hard, it's like he's already in college. Not being able to spend everyday or every week or even every month with him & then we he is able to come home, having to split that time between between his dad & it's really hard for me.
I guess there is a trade off though because he has turned into such a wonderful young man, & I know that his future holds so much promise!

I wanted to share a few pictures of him at a LAX game we got to go to, The Mother's Day Parade & The Awards Ceremony. Should have brought my camera rather than using my phone, as I'm sure they would have turned out better. Then I'll get to his annual end of the school year card I made.
This one was shot by one of the other mother's
This one is hard to see, he's the one to the right with the white hat holding the Company Flag, which has a B on it for Bravo (the Company he was in).

I did have some pictures of me with him, but I look horrible & I'm pretty self conscious about sharing pictures of myself.

Okay, so finally on to his card, as part of the title of this post I put RAK, well that is because of Miss Regina Easter  (her blog) from The Cutting Cafe'  or you can click on her blinkie to the left side of this page (her website where she designs wonderful SVG's, etc)! She was sooo kind to design the card for me, as I was in a time crunch & I knew welding the letters together to make the shape of the card would take me forever, so I asked Regina & she quickly & kindly said yes! I can't thank you enough Regina! Oh & btw, he loved it!
I used my Cameo & MTC software to cut out the base & letters of the card created by the oh so Fab Miss Regina. Everything else was cut with the Cameo from the Silhouette shop or from MTC except for the Football, Lacrosse Stick & the word "Junior", those were all stickers I had on hand from other years, oh & I colored a toothpick to make the flag (almost an exact As I said before, he loved it, which made me very happy!

I know, a 17 yr old jock who loves his mom's cards & thinks she should work for is a "Good a Really Good Thing"!  :-)

Gilby & I love comments...his little tail just wags away when he sees me smile!

Thanks for stopping by!
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