Saturday, December 31, 2011


Hi Everyone & Happy New Years Eve!

Today, I thought I would share a few handmade gifts I made for the puppy enthusiasts in my family. Everything was made with things I already had on hand, so it was super convenient. They were also used with the same free SVG file (sorry can't remember where I found it) & my Cricut Expression (since I haven't updated my MTC version yet).
My sister-in-law has a girl schnauzer by the name of Harley that she absolutely adores, so I decided to make her this night shirt. I suppose I should have brought out my sewing machine & finished the edges, but I honestly have never learned how to use the darn thing (computerized). 
After- "Ruff" is from the AK cart
Closer look
And the back
My Sister & her Husband have 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs so they love anything Berner/Dog related so I decided to make them some coasters. I found the coasters at a yard sale a couple of years ago (& knew I would do something with them at some point), they were great because they already had the cork on the back, so there wasn't much I had to do.
Some M.S. paint, foam brush & tape
After 1 coat
After 7 coats-Vinyl cut out of Paw & Clear Sealant
Packaged up all pretty-Linked to Passionately Artistic & Pink Cricut See My Linky Love tab at the top of my blog.
I also made them an ornament (I know, the glitter is soo last season, but it was on hand) & one for Mr. Gilby as well.
I just couldn't resist taking a picture of Gilby's first Christmas, look how cute he was!!!

As always, Gilby & love your comments...his tail just wags away when he sees me smile!!!
We hope that you have a Safe & Happy New Years Eve!!!
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Friday, December 30, 2011


Hi Everyone!

Today, I thought I would show some of the goodies I made for my family over the Holiday. None of these are my own recipes, so I will give you the link to the site where I found the recipes. I did alter a few of the recipes, but not much.  They were all scrumptious, so if you haven't had your fill of goodies yet, I would highly recommend these! A few of these I found via Pinterest...which I am totally addicted to!!!

I decided not to go over kill on the baking this year, so I let everyone (2 boys & hubby & me of course) pick out what they wanted. Brian (my oldest) wanted Chocolate Chip Cookies, Brandon my youngest wanted Sugar Cookies, my hubby wanted Sugared Cranberries & I wanted to try this new recipe I had seen, Peanut Butter Balls. I have to say I was a bit lazy & did not want to bake the cut out sugar cookies that Brandon wanted, so I talked him into a bar sugar cookie. I of course had to make my mom's Nuts & Bolts & something special for Christmas morning.
Soooo Super Yummy!!!!!!
Cinnamon Roll Pulls-via Pinterest-via Plain
Cookie Tray-Linked to Passionately Artistic-see Linky Love tab at the top of my blog.
Close up of Sugar Cookies-via Mel's KitchenCafe
Also used her frosting (you have to keep refrigerated), topped with some 
chopped candy cane & sparkling sugar
Center are the Peanut Butter Balls-via Just a Pinch Recipe Club
BTW-They won a Blue Ribbon
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Sugared Cranberries-via Cooking Light
Nuts & Bolts-Family Recipe
Sooo much better than chex mix!!!

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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hi Everyone!

Hope you all had a safe & Happy Holiday! My Christmas was very special for several reasons, both of my sister's survived their surgeries & were home to be with family on Christmas!!! It's a miracle that my sister who just had a massive tumor removed last week was able to go home on Christmas Eve! She still has a long road of chemo & radiation therapy, but the doctors were confident that they got it all! It could have turned out so differently, but it didn't & we have got to thank for that! Thank you all so much for praying for our family! My other sister had her surgery on Friday, we went to her house the afternoon of Christmas day, it was so great to see how her hubby & daughter just kicked it into gear & had her all take care of. She usually fixes dinner & I bring an appetizer or something & then help out with things when I get there. He didn't even need my help & the food was delicious! She has a long road ahead for her as well, with radiation therapy & then reconstructive surgery, there are so many things she has to think about. She's a very strong person & I know she will fight this all the way! Again, god worked his wonders through all your prayers, as nothing went wrong with the surgery.  So, thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers, it has meant the world to my family & I.

I thought I would share some pictures of our Christmas with you today, it was such a joy to have both my boys home! Listening to them both laughing at the same time gave me so much joy! They both have very distinctive laughs that are just so intoxicating. Should say that I kind of had hopes that the arguing & picking on each would not be there, but was told over & over that this is what brothers do & that " we kid, we kid". LOL
This is really blurry-but just like the old times when the boys would come in my room with their stocking! I'm buried in the middle, Gilby is the little fur-ball on the stocking. They are laughing at my voice, apparently I sound really funny when I first wake up in the morning. ;)
Another blurry photo-Brandon Hugging Brian for his gift & Gilby wanting to join in! ;)
Brian VERY happy & Surprised by one of his gifts! He never shaved that dirt off his upper lip.
Wonderful gift that we got from Brian, a flag that was actually flown in one of Squadrons
Hubby, who LOVES the Bears & KISS
Me lovin' on my Gilby (thought I would try b&w)

I'll be posting some goodies & handmade presents over the next couple of days.

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Friday, December 23, 2011


Hi Everyone!

Thought I should go ahead & post these before Christmas! There are lots of pictures, so I'm not going to write so much. I do think they turned out pretty cute though.

This is the card I made for my Ornament Buddy
Martha Stewart Snowflake Punch/CB Snowflake EF on Acetate/My Craft Time Stamp & Die/
Silver Stickles
Same Snowflake Punch-This is not my original idea, I found it on You-Tube, sorry, but I can't remember from whom. I-Rock Gems
Same card-MS Ribbon/My 
Craft Spot Stamp/Liquid Pearls
Close up
These Flakes were Stamped w/MS SF Stamp & Embossed
My Creative Time Stamps & Dies
 I've got another card that I will share with you tomorrow, recycle is the word.

As always, Gilby & I love your comments...his tail just wags away when he sees me smile!!!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hi Everyone,

Thank you all so much for your prayers, they have obviously been working!!! :)

Update on Tammy who has Brain Cancer-she had surgery & they think they were able to get it all! That's all I know, it has been very hard to get any information.

My other sister Tammy is going to have her Lumpectomy tomorrow, so we shall see.

My sister-in-law has been in treatment for 2 nights now & she is sooo happy to be feeling better & to be able to sleep.

The power of prayer helps so much, so if you could continue to keep them in your prayers I would really appreciate it.

My oldest son should get here sometime tomorrow night, so I'm very excited about that!!!

Thank you again for all your kind words & prayers. I'll keep you updated.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately this is not a happy post. Both of my sisters have found out that they have cancer, one last week & one this week.

My sister Tammy who lives in CA had emergent brain surgery yesterday for a massive brain tumor. Her husband & daughters noticed that she was slurring her words & not acting right so they took to the E.R. the night before. She showed no symptoms prior to this, so we are so thankful that they acted so quickly. I've only been able to get little bits of information from my parents, but they said last night that the doctors thought they had gotten it all! I asked some co-workers to pray yesterday for her & the power of prayer worked!!! Now, I don't know what's happening next or how she is doing today, but I keep praying.

My other sister, Tammy who lives here in VA found out last week that she has Breast Cancer. Fortunately they found it early, so they think she will be fine. She goes in this Friday for a lumpectomy, then will have 3-6 wks of radiation then have reconstructive surgery (her husband is looking forward to implants), but she hasn't decided on that yet.

My boys don't know yet, as I haven't seen them & I don't want to tell them over the phone. Their uncle on their dad's side passed away from a brain tumor a couple of years ago, he was only 40. I will not be seeing them until late Christmas Eve, as they will be with their dad. I don't want to have to tell them all this on Christmas Eve, but we are going to my sisters house on Christmas & I know that there will be talk of both she & my other sister.

My Husband's sister was just admitted to a detox center in South Carolina last night because she is addicted to sleeping medication, which she has not had in a little & she is going through withdrawals.

For those who are wondering, I do have 2 sisters named Tammy, it wasn't a typo. :)

I haven't posted anything to my FB page, because I don't want my boys to see it, I know they won't check my blog though.

I have been crafting through the midst of all this (keeps my mind off of things), so I will be sharing some projects soon.

If you would keep my family in your prayers I would really appreciate it. 

Monday, December 12, 2011


Hi Everyone!
Christmas is fast approaching & I've done the majority of my shopping online, love Amazon!!!
Wasn't feeling well this weekend, so was in bed most of the weekend. I knew that hubby had gotten out all the Christmas stuff, but I had no idea he had put everything up including decorating the Christmas tree!!! He really enjoys decorating for Christmas, so I've been letting him do his thing for the past couple of years since we got married, but he never did the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is something that I like to do along with my boys, but they haven't been around to help for a # of years. It's always so fun to look back at the old ornaments that either the boys made or I got them when they were babies. Hubby did a great job, but to be honest I was a little disappointed that I missed out, plus I'm usually there with him giving him some direction & listening to Christmas music & drinking hot cocoa. Hey, that's ok, both my boys will be home for Christmas & that's the best thing ever!!! Since it's been 4 yrs since my oldest has been home, it will be fun for him to look back at the ornaments that he picked out over the years & the ones he's made. He said to me the other day "Mom, this will be like my first real Christmas in 4 yrs & Birthday (January)" For those who don't follow my blog, he went into the Air Force straight out of High School & was in Japan for 3 years & Afghanistan last year. I'm so thankful that God has given us this blessing for our whole family!!!

Okay, so now on to some crafting. I entered an ornament exchange that Sarah over at The Pink Cricut was hosting, so today I wanted to share the ornament  I received from Miss Alina. This is just the cutest ever, it's so cool, I've never seen anything like it before, it's an ornament that's also a mini scrapbook, I absolutely Love it & can't wait to hang it on the tree (once I get some photos to go in it)!!! Alina decided to let me add the finishing touches, so she added a bunch of embellishments for me to use. She also included a really pretty Christmas card. We decided to quiz each other on our taste, etc so we would make an ornament that the other would really like, well, Alina I really like mine a lot, so Thank you!!! Throughout all of this we have also gotten to know each other some, so I feel I can call her one of my crafting buddies! :D
Isn't the card so pretty?
She used velcro to hold the little book in place
These are all the embellishments she included
I just love all the colors of the different pages

 This is my favorite!

Alina has a great blog as well Addicted to Scrapbooking!!!!, you should take a peaksy & let her know how much you liked her ornament! :D

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Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hi Everyone!
I hope everyone is having fun getting ready for the Holidays! I have some very exciting news for my family & I!!! My oldest son, Brian who is in the Air Force is coming home for Christmas!!! We haven't spent a Christmas together in 4 yrs!
He was in Japan for 3 yrs & last year he was in Afghanastan, so you can imagine how thrilled I am!!! He will be here for a week & it so happens I have my youngest son, Brandon for Christmas this year, so we are all very excited!!!
So the planning & preperation now starts!!! :)

Today's card is a little out of the norm, usually my style is all cutesy, but I make something simple & elegant, which I think I accomplished. Please let me  know what you think! 
I found this Pearl Cardstock in my stash-Used a Lavender Dew Drop ink & mixed 
Frosted Crystal embossing powder with some MS glitters & embossed the snowflakes & sentiment. I also used some Pearl Glimmer Mist
The Snowflake stamp is from MS Stamp Around the Page (HSN)
The Sentiment is from Whimsical Designs
The only different things I used for this one was Silver Stickles & the Snowflake is from OCL
Here's a close up of the Sentiment & Snowflake

As always, Gilby & love your comments...his tail just wags away when he sees me smile!!!

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Saturday, December 3, 2011


Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share the cute little Anniversary Card for my Hubby, kind of like the couple on the cocoa packet I showed you yesterday 
The cute little snow couple is a Digi Stamp that I got from Cindy's Scraptastic Designs  I think it's a perfect match for the couple on the cocoa, so I was super excited when I found it!!! I used copics to color it (still need lots of practice) then, as you can see I went a little over board on the bling, I kept thinking it needed more & then I ran out of time & didn't really make the base of the card as well as I had like to. That's ok though, because I still think it's cute & I know hubby will like it (we are celebrating this weekend)!!! So, all the bling consisted of lots of Stickles, Black Enamel Accents & Aleene's Glitter Snow. The sentiment is from Whimsical Designs.

As always Gilby & I love your comments...his tail just wags away when he sees me smile!!!

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Friday, December 2, 2011


Hi Everyone!

I have been wanting to try this SVG File from The Cutting Cafe' for a while now, so I thought this is as good a time as any. Yesterday was my Anniversary & we got married at the Hershey Lodge in Hershey, PA, so I had this packet of Cocoa Mix I kept from the Wedding. 
This was one of the favors we had for our guests
I used my Imagine & Yummy Cartridge for the cup-The pattern paper is 
"Dot's & Stripes" from Echo Park
The sentiment is from Whimsical Designs
I used Glossy Accents for the Steam & the cute little Marshmallows are from a PKS Set Called "Scent with Love" 
This is what the inside looks like-
If you are going to present this little gift to someone, you should wrap some pretty ribbon around it, I just didn't have any that matched

As always, Gilby & I love your comments...his tail just wags away when he sees me smile!!!

Thanks for stopping by!
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