Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hi Everyone!

Hope you all had a safe & Happy Holiday! My Christmas was very special for several reasons, both of my sister's survived their surgeries & were home to be with family on Christmas!!! It's a miracle that my sister who just had a massive tumor removed last week was able to go home on Christmas Eve! She still has a long road of chemo & radiation therapy, but the doctors were confident that they got it all! It could have turned out so differently, but it didn't & we have got to thank for that! Thank you all so much for praying for our family! My other sister had her surgery on Friday, we went to her house the afternoon of Christmas day, it was so great to see how her hubby & daughter just kicked it into gear & had her all take care of. She usually fixes dinner & I bring an appetizer or something & then help out with things when I get there. He didn't even need my help & the food was delicious! She has a long road ahead for her as well, with radiation therapy & then reconstructive surgery, there are so many things she has to think about. She's a very strong person & I know she will fight this all the way! Again, god worked his wonders through all your prayers, as nothing went wrong with the surgery.  So, thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers, it has meant the world to my family & I.

I thought I would share some pictures of our Christmas with you today, it was such a joy to have both my boys home! Listening to them both laughing at the same time gave me so much joy! They both have very distinctive laughs that are just so intoxicating. Should say that I kind of had hopes that the arguing & picking on each would not be there, but was told over & over that this is what brothers do & that " we kid, we kid". LOL
This is really blurry-but just like the old times when the boys would come in my room with their stocking! I'm buried in the middle, Gilby is the little fur-ball on the stocking. They are laughing at my voice, apparently I sound really funny when I first wake up in the morning. ;)
Another blurry photo-Brandon Hugging Brian for his gift & Gilby wanting to join in! ;)
Brian VERY happy & Surprised by one of his gifts! He never shaved that dirt off his upper lip.
Wonderful gift that we got from Brian, a flag that was actually flown in one of Squadrons
Hubby, who LOVES the Bears & KISS
Me lovin' on my Gilby (thought I would try b&w)

I'll be posting some goodies & handmade presents over the next couple of days.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. So glad you were able to be together for Christmas :-)

  2. Aww!! Great pics, Wendy. :) The b/w of Gilby with his mommy is so sweet. You're just as cute in b/w as in color. LOL Sounds like a really wonderful Christmas. Speedy recovery prayers for your sister. :)


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