Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hi Everyone!

Well, we survived the hurricane just fine (VA)! Am praying that others were as lucky as us!

I have BIG NEWS to share, the FABULOUS Veronica from VK Design has been working on our Blog Makeover AND it's going to be soooo cute!!! Gilby & I are sooo excited, we can hardly stand it!!! There will be lots of FUN changes!!!

Veronica has done her magic, so Gilby & I just have some organizing to do before we can debut our makeover.

The Big Reveal date will be the week of 9/19, and we will end the week with a HUGE CELEBRATION 9/23 with a Big "Doggie Walk" (Blog Hop)!!!

We have a FABULOUS group of fellow Crafters for you to stop at along the way AND we have a HUGE pile of "Doggie Treats" (Blog Candy) to give away!!!

I promise you, that it will be a ton of fun, so stay tuned for more info. as the date comes closer!!!

PS, if there is anyone who wants to join in on the "Walk" with our FABULOUS list of crafters please send me an e-mail (wendy dot roos 2boys @ gmail dot com) with your blog info. We would LOVE to have you join us!!!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Can't wait to see your new makeover. Hugs

  2. so glad you are okay. oohh love to see your new blog and the blog hop to come...

  3. Can't wait!!! New is always exciting, but when you add treats, how can anyone pass that up! ;)

  4. Okay I just loving your blog and can't wait to see if done and up..Penelope is just yappy away at how cute it looking so far...

    The Scrapbooking Queen & Princess Penelope..


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