Monday, June 13, 2011


Hi Everyone!
Today, I thought I would share a necklace & earring set I made for my BFF's Birthday. I have dabbled in making jewelry before, but I am definitely a newbie at this. I have a hoard of beads, etc...from when I first wanted/started making jewelry, so I thought I would start to use the things I already have. You may see some other jewelry posted soon, as I'm kind of in that mode right now. These are perfect colors for my BFF, so I hope she will like the necklace & earrings even though, they are a bit late for her Birthday!
The pictures aren't that great, as the colors are much brighter. Think I may need to fire my photographer (hubby), actually think we need to read up on our camera!!!

There are a number of different kinds of beads on here; wooden, swartzki crystal, glass & some there are some that I don't know what they are. There was a time when I would go to the Salvation Army, Antique Shows and would pick up necklaces, etc.. just for the beads (yes, I cleaned them). You can find some great things to recycle at these places, even yard sales.

As always, Gilby & I LOVE your comments...his tail just wags away when he see's me smile!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. omgosh, these are so beautiful!!! I can't believe you're a newbie! you're obviously a natural Wendy!


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