Monday, October 31, 2011


Hi Everyone & Happy Halloween!
I wanted to sneak in a few more treats on this Halloween, but I must warn you, it's all about poop, yes I said it..poop, poop, poop!!! LOL Yes, I'm a bit immature when it comes to stuff like this, but it makes me laugh & that's what's important, right??!!! I found the "Ghost Poop" idea on pinterest, so that's what inspired me, plus I've been wanting to make goodie bag toppers that everyone has been making. I knew I had to make the Ghost Poop for my son, because he loves mini marshmallows, I'll find him next to the pantry just popping them in his mouth. He's become quite good at throwing them in the air & catching them in his mouth..LOL :D
Then I got to thinking about all the candy & junk food that he likes & that's when I came up with the Bat & the Pumpkin. He should get them in the mail today, so I will be interested in how he reacts. He's got a great sense of humor, but he's also 16 & at an all boys school. He could either smile & keep them to himself because he's embarrassed or he could share them with his friends because he thinks they are cool, either way it's all good!!! I did send him lots of other candy to share with his friends at school, he's good about sharing! :D 
Ok, so on to the Poopyness!!! LOL
First up is our Ghost Friend, see the look on his face? He's like "Whoopsy"
The Bats are just fleeing the scene!
Then there's Mr. Pumpkin Friend, he just cracking up, he thinks it's so funny!!!
Cheese balls would have been better choice, but Brandon loves Cheese-Itz & Cheese Doodles would have been gross! LOL
Here's the three of them, they all want to blame the other!!!
I'm not going to get into all the ingredients today, since it's Halloween,but if you would like to know what paper or where the cuts came from you can send me an e-mail. :D
Thanks for humoring me & please only comment if you liked them, I don't want to get any hate mail over poop!!! ;)
I hope everyone has a very safe & happy Halloween!!!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. So cute. Now I am craving Ghost Poop. LOL


  2. Ohhh, such fun "crap" .... heeheehee

    LOVE the bat poop!!!

  3. HEHEHE... these are SO cute, Wendy! What a fun idea!



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