Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hi Everyone & Happy Thanksgiving!
It's a very laid back morning for hubby & I, Gilby let us sleep in until 9 this morning, which he never does! We are watching the Macy's Day Parade as I'm sure most of you all are. It brings back fond memories of when my sister & I took her daughter to NY for Thanksgiving for her 16th Birthday. We had the best time, though it was hard to see everything, still one of the best trips I've had & the only one with the two of them.
We will be seeing my sister & her family later for dinner at the Club House where her in-laws live. It will be nice for my sister not to have to cook this year, as she normally hosts Thanksgiving at her house, she enjoys it & we all help, but it will be a nice change, at least I hope. Then we are going back to her in-laws to celebrate my nieces Birthday, who just turned 19... I can't believe how time flies!

I'm very Thankful today, as my two boys are spending time together with their Dad & Grandparents in Florida, the boys have hardly seen each other his my oldest, Brian joined the Air Force right out of High School. I wish they were here with me, but I'm happy that they are together!!!
I am praying that Brian will be able to come home for Christmas, so I can enjoy both my boys together! It has been 4 years since we've been able to spend Christmas with Brian because he was in Japan & then last year he was in Afghanistan. I am praying that they don't send him over there again!!!

I just wanted to share some Thanksgiving projects I made years ago when I was first getting into polymer clay. I'm all over the place with my crafts, but I really want to get back into clay again.
Pumpkin Wine Charm
 Dusty Pumpkin Magnet
Turkey Magnet

I hope you all are having a Wonderful Thanksgiving with your families & thinking back on fond memories. Although things aren't the best financially for us right now, I know that god has a plan for us & I am Thankful & Blessed to have a loving family!!!

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  1. Wendy, I love these clay projects. I spent years making polymer clay things and selling them to anyone and everyone. They are so much fun to make. I like the real hands-on aspect of the clay. Good job! I hope you Thanksgiving continued to be relaxing and wonderful!

  2. Hello girly:) Just wanted to pop over to say hi and tell you how adorable those little magnets are. It sounds like your Thanksgiving was off to a great start..I hope it ended just as wonderful. Hugs:)


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